An Introduction to The Harmonist’s 10 Signature Scents by Lola Karimova

Lola Karimova

The new home of the Harmonist, created by Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva.

Perfume and philosophy might seem to some like a rather unusual blend, but for Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva, the founder of the new Maison de Parfum The Harmonist, it’s a perfectly natural fit. Ms. Karimova-Tillyaeva has long been inspired by the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui and its guiding principle of creating positive energy through balance. She has put those principles into practice in The Harmonist’s debut collection of fragrances.

Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva and “The Harmonist” maison de parfums

Each of The Harmonist’s 10 signature scents draws from one of the five Feng Shui elements—fire, water, wood, earth, and metal—and is specially composed to bring harmony and serenity to the wearer through the right balance of yin and yang. Read on to learn more about the different fragrances The Harmonist has to offer.

Guiding Water

A delicate and refined fragrance, Guiding Water evokes the natural calm and freshness of ocean breezes at dawn and rain-washed flowers. Watermelon, cyclamen, and lotus bring a cool and clear simplicity; fleur-de-lys, musk, and jasmine add a sultry, lingering note. The fragrance’s floral warmth comes from ozonic accord and pink peppercorn.

Sacred Water

Sacred Water is an intoxicating blend of contrasts—at once calm but powerful, comforting but startling—bringing to mind the crash of ocean waves against towering granite cliffs and volcanic rocks. The juxtaposition of the marine notes of ozone, iodine, peppermint, and aquatic mosses with the mineral notes of grey amber, mystique, and mineral wood create a healing, invigorating, and almost mystical scent.

Velvet Fire

This charismatic and radiant fragrance is like a caressing ray of summer sun. Lavender, clary sage, and coriander—all herbs from southern France—meet the spicy oriental notes of saffron and tobacco leaves in a passionate mingling. Brightness is added with cypress and petitgrain lemon, while musk, oud, and tonka bean bring a luxurious, lasting glow. Velvet Fire is the perfect fragrance for those looking for a sensual scent.

Hypnotizing Fire

Luminous, with a softer heat than its counterpart Velvet Fire, Hypnotizing Fire is as quietly mesmerizing as a gentle candle flame. Its warm and spicy scents come from everywhere under the sun: pimento berries from Jamaica, subtle and sensuous rose from Bulgaria, Indonesian patchouli, and elegant vanilla from Madagascar. It is a seductive scent that reminds us of the hypnotic warmth of mysterious contrasts.

Magnetic Wood

If you’re seeking a boost of rejuvenating energy, look no further than the rich and elegant scents of Magnetic Wood. Green and floral notes come through with essence of mimosa—the first flower of spring and a classic symbol of natural renewal—while the spirit is lifted and refreshed with Chinese sweet osmanthus and Moroccan evergreen bio mastic. Finally, sensuous and woody notes of sandalwood, cedar, rare iris root, and vetiver will pamper your senses and wrap you in a revitalizing aura.

Golden Wood

Explore your inner majesty and power with Golden Wood, a fragrance that evokes a mighty tree concealing a warm heart beneath its rugged exterior. Elemi resin, malted barley, and yellow mandarin blend with the sweet and nutty notes of cabreuva and black pepper, creating an experience in which woody, smoky, and leathery scents mingle comfortably. Birch and roast tonka bean round out the fragrance.

Matrix Metal

Get ready to make an impact with Matrix Metal, the fragrance that evokes the vibrancy and power of newly forged, gleaming metal. Aldehydes, woods, and ambers form the foundation of this vibrant scent, with juniper berries offering a dry, crisp note and sclarene conifers bringing additional sharpness. A glowing undertone of red-hot iron is provided by pine, vetiver, and amber accords, while a hint of myrrh adds a sense of comfort. Matrix Metal is an edgy fragrance for those who love to smoulder.

Metal Flower

If metal can be rough and smouldering, this scent shows us it can also be smooth and polished. A sharp, dazzling, and unusual fragrance, Metal Flower blends three precious rose ingredients to create a scent that is at once modern and eternal. Bulgarian rose essence offers elegant grace, Rose of May brings a rare sophistication, and rosoxyde introduces a note of iron sharpness. The fragrance is rounded out by aldehydes for shine, as well as ylang-ylang and patchouli for rich sensuality.

Royal Earth

Rich, seductive, and sophisticated are just a few of the words that capture the essence of Royal Earth, a fragrance that achieves its mysterious dignity through the use of precious and potent roots and seeds. Tangy bergamot, carrot seeds, and angelica seeds bring bright head notes to the perfume, while the prized Tuscan iris pallida root infuses the fragrance with grandeur and gravity. The enigmatic scent of iris adds a note of fascination, and bittersweet neroli and sandalwood introduce a note of earthy sensuality.

Desired Earth

Despite its earthy notes, this perfume inspires lofty images of mist over the Scottish Highlands or far-off mountain peaks. Desired Earth is as addictive as a good malt whisky, with its light notes of Japanese shiso leaves and violet leaves and its soothing, smoky allure of ambrette seeds, cade wood, and musky patchouli. The warm, spicy aroma of Peruvian tolu balsam ensures the inspiring immortality of this fragrance.